A Good Team Need A Good Management


A Good Team Need A Good Management

In the new year, we will be in line with our new goals, and higher KPIs are full of infinite challenges.

The production line is the lifeblood of a supplier, so we must optimize our production team.

On February 11, we convened our entire production team for our first meeting of the year. It is crucial.

At the meeting, each department summarized the various problems that occurred on the production line last year and gave suggestions for rectification. We are gratified to find out the problem in time and actively solve it is the philosophy we have been adhering to in management.

At the same time, we counted last year's capacity, a total of 600,000 pieces. Such a large shipment is inseparable from the hard work of every team member on the post.  To reward those who perform well, we will also set selection criteria and reward methods to encourage them to continue to work hard with us in the coming year.

Our goal of capacity for this year is 1,000,000 pieces. Our top priority at the beginning of the year is to continuously expand our team, so that each link can be connected more smoothly, and it also improves our efficiency and ensures that each order can be completed within the delivery time.

Every team member is very precious to us, and we are looking forward to more and more people can join in Kaouyou Clothing.

A Good Team Need A Good Management